Thunderbird extension #3 GMail Conversation View
The thread summary displays full messages, including a message of mine, while the message selected is from another person.

Thunderbird extension "Sort Folders" extension.
This folder list is manually sorted. The most important folders are on top and are clearly independent from the alphabetical order.

Thunderbird extension #2 "Latex It!" extension.
This extension allows you to write LaTeX expressions in your emails and have them replaced by the corresponding images. Useful when discussing things with your maths teacher.

OCaml stylesheet Custom Ocamldoc stylesheet
The types and the comments are not broken and take advantage of the width of the screen. The color set and the fonts are updated in this custom ocamldoc stylesheet.

LaTeX stylesheet Custom LaTeX stylesheet
The parts are introduced with a book-like header, and the overall layout is very condensed. For use with a twocolumn document class. Useful when trying to squeeze some report in a limited number of pages.

PyCover Cover Finder
This quick & dirty Python application fetches covers from the Amazon Store for all your albums provided the artist and album name can be inferred from the directory structure (e.g. "ArtistName/AlbumName" or "ArtistName - AlbumName").

IRC Chatter IRC Client
This wonderful application lets you chat with a poorly-coded-in-an-esoteric-language home-made program. If anyone succeeds in making this work 10 years later, I'll buy them a beer.

Manually sort folders

THIS EXTENSION allows you to manually sort your folders in the folder pane, thus providing a fix for bug 193314. Thunderbird always sorts the folders in a given account alphabetically. Sometimes (especially when using GMail+IMAP) there are many folders for an account, and being able to sort these folders to put the most important ones on top would be useful. This extension allows you to do just that.
Additional features include being able to use a better sort function that takes into account Unicode control characters (Thunderbird ignores them by default), allowing you to customize your gmail labels with Unicode characters instead of manually setting a sort order. Subfolders can be sorted too.

link Stable version (on AMO)
link Developer page

Thunderbird Conversations

THIS EXTENSION allows you to view your own messages in threads, just like GMail does. It also adds a quick reply feature, collapses quotes, add contact tooltips, integrates with a lot of Thunderbird code, etc. This extension builds upon the work I did in August 2010 when I spent one month at the Mozilla Messaging office in Vancouver.

link The addon's webpage on GitHub
link Stable version (on AMO)
images Screenshots (outdated, see AMO): 1 2

Latex It!

THIS EXTENSION allows you to write $\LaTeX$ in your emails. Before sending the email, the extensions runs through your email, detects LaTeX parts and replaces them with the corresponding images. $expr$ give textstyle rendering and $$expr$$ gives displaystyle rendering. This extension is in alpha stage and works on Linux and Windows.
Additional features include the ability to undo the LaTeX run to correct formulas then run LaTeX again. LaTeX runs are cached so if the expression has not changed, images are re-used. There is also a dialog that allows you to input a complete chunk of LaTeX, not only formulas, which actually allows you to write your whole email in LaTeX.
This extension is kinda hard to setup, so please do read the instructions on the addon's AMO webpage.

link The addon's webpage on GitHub
link Stable version (on AMO)
images Screenshots: 1 2 3 4

School projects

I led the development of a tool called CoMFoRT written in Python that allows a researcher to manage everything: their courses, publications, bibliography, next events and personal files, and that generates a website that puts all this stuff together. The website's pages are edited through a wiki-like syntax and the tool takes care of generating static HTML and uploading it through SSH or FTP. Some people seem to be using it although we're not maintaining it anymore. If anyone is interested, though...

link Project's homepage

I wrote with a friend while in ENS Lyon a program that resizes images using the "Seam Carving" algorithm (Photoshop or Gimp "Liquid rescale" algorithm). Written in OCaml and LablGTk

Misc. code

A STYLESHEET FOR OCAMLDOC. HTML ocamldoc pages are nice but the stylesheet is rather outdated. This one uses better fonts, removes line-wraps to take advantage of wide screens (it does not break types every 40 characters or so), and uses a more "modern" set of colors.
Just replace the style.css file generated by ocamldoc with the one below.

text An OCaml module
html Generated documentation
css The stylesheet

A STYLESHEET FOR LaTeX DOCUMENTS. It gives a very condensed, two-column layout for article document classes. It also adds a \part command that gives the heading seen in my reports (see here for an example). The heading was initially an attempt to reproduce the style of the French LaTeX pour l'impatient book.

text The .tex file

I ENJOY DESIGNING WEBSITES as a leisure. This website took me quite some time to finalize. You will find below some pointers to previous versions of my personal website. I also cleaned up and fixed a Dotclear theme (the one used on my personal travel blog).

link First version of my website (I didn't do it)
link Second version (using DokuWiki)
link Third version (rather minimal)
link Xulforum start page (rather weird)

arrow French ISP Free offers a nice multimedia box to which you can send music or videos over the network to watch them on TV. I wrote a small program with a GTk GUI that creates a playlist for the selected directory and launches the "Freeplayer" with it. This program also allows you to populate a well-structured music folder with covers that it fetches using the Amazon API. Just edit and launch For Unix only.
arrow When I was young, I wrote a full IRC client (called "IRC Chatter"...) in PHP-GTk. It implemented almost the full set of IRC commands, allowed you to use private messages, it parsed colors in messages.
arrow I tried to mimic the behaviour of emac's caml-mode (with the toplevel integrated with the main buffer) in vim. Plugin here. Use F2 to start a session and F3 to send to ocaml the current instruction (that is, everything up to the next ;;).
arrow I own a very old Sony laptop (European version number PCG-K115M). Until recently, a special, hackish, provided as a does-not-apply-patch sony_acpi driver was required. I wrote a small controller program that uses the special /proc interface of that driver with a nice xosd support for volume and brightness.
arrow A key mapping that allows one to use a Sony Ericsson K550 phone as a remote control when using mplayer. Adapted from here.